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    How to disable a letter from being printed?

    • Product: Alma


    How do I disable a letter from being printed?


    1. Navigate to General > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > General Configuration > Letter Activity
    2. In the letter type column of the table presented find the row for the letter to have printing disabled
    3. In the right column click the “Customize” button
    4. In the left column click the yellow checkmark
    5. Click “Save”

    Additional Information

    • If the letter appears more than once choose the line which has “EMAIL” in the “Channel” column
    • Clicking “customize” allows a change
    • Clicking the yellow checkmark will "ghost" the checkmark, which indicates the letter is no longer active (is disabled)
    • After making any changes it is advisable to test that the disabled letter is the correct letter
    • To make the letter printing active again (enabled) click the “Restore” button in the right column of the line for the letter
    • After doing so the button in the left column will again state “Customize” and the checkmark is again yellow indicating the letter is active (enabled)

    • Article last edited: 26-Feb-2019