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    How to publish a set of records from Alma to OCLC/WorldCat, regardless of management tags?

    • Product: Alma


    Many of our records are tagged "Don't Publish", but we would like to publish them to OCLC. Is there a job to flip the "Export to WorldCat" Management Tags from "Don't Publish" to "Publish" in bulk? 


    Step 1: Force a change to the "Export to WorldCat" Management Tags:

    1. Create an "All Titles" or "Physical Titles" set of the records to update.

    2. Go to Admin > Run a Job > "Synchronize Bib records with external catalog".

    3. Decide if to flag the records as "Don't Publish", "Publish holdings only", "Publish bibliographic records".

    4. Proceed and confirm.

    The job will force the needed flag, for the selected records.


    Step 2: Republish the records:

    1. If the records already have the needed tag, just ensure having an "All Titles" or "Physical Titles" set

    2. Go to Admin > Run a Job and search for either "Bib OCLC Republish Set of Titles" or "Holding OCLC Republish Set of Titles", depending whether you publish bibliographic or holdings records to OCLC.

    3. Run the job.

    Additional Information

    For more detailed information about publishing your holdings from Alma to WorldCat, see: Publishing to OCLC


    • Article last edited: 16-FEB-2020
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