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    How to remove duplicate 035 subfield a when Importing OCLC records to Alma

    • Product: Alma



    If an incoming OCLC BIB has a 019 field [OCLC Control Number Cross-Reference], two 035 $a OCLC fields display.
    When an 019 field is prsent it gets copied down into a repeatable 035 (subfields a and z).
    However, there is already an existing 035 field (subfield a). 
    This displays in Alma before record import, when viewing via Search External Resources (e.g.):
      1st 035 $a = current OCLC #, $z (one or more older OCLC #s copied from the 019 $a)
      2nd 035 $a = current OCLC #
    But, we only want the first 035 which has subfields a and z; NOT the second 035 occurance which only has sufield a.


    When importing record from external search "MarcBib21InitialNormalization" is executed.
    The "marc21createControlNumber" task causes the 035 generation.

    1. Open the Alma Metadata Editor
    2. Create a new Normalization rule or duplicate an existing one
    3. Add the following:

    # This rule removes duplicate oclc # in the 035 if there are two 035 fields and an 019 field.
        (exists "019.a.*" ) and (exists "035.a.*") and (exists "035.z.*")
       removeField "035" if (not exists "035.z.*")

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    • Article last edited: 25-Jun-2021