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How to restrict write access to an Alma Analytics report in a shared folder to only a few people

  • Product: Alma


I have an analytics report in a shared folder because several users at my institution need access to it. However, I'd like to restrict write access to only a few people. How do I do this?


It is possible to restrict permissions for individual reports by selecting "More" for the report while in the Catalog.

Oracle has some documentation about the Permissions dialog that can be found here:

In this dialog, you can remove permissions (like write permissions) for the default Analytics roles, and then add new permissions for individual users. When searching for users to add permissions, use the numeric User ID (e.g. 13101820000231_4646_D) rather than display name.

Identifying User ID

To identify the individual's User ID, have desired user log in to Alma and open Analytics. In the top right corner open the username dropdown to select 'My Account.' The full User ID is displayed in the screen.


Editing Permissions

Open the Catalog and find the report to share with people in My Folders. Expand 'More' to edit 'Permissions


Click the green plus sign to add user roles.


Search for Available Members by 'Users.' Select the account and move it to the Selected Members list. Set Permission to desired level. Click ok.


Permissions can be edited or customized in the Permissions window.


Additional Information

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  • Article last edited: 15-Apr-2020