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    How to set up renewal of a borrowing request automatically from the borrowing side

    • Product: Alma



    When we renew a Borrowing request we always log into the partner's library's catalogue ourselves and then renew the book. So we don't send any renewal requests through Alma or by e-mail, we log in ourselves to renew in each library's catalogue. The only thing we want to do in Alma is to update the due date in one place only (both in the Borrowing requests and in the patron's account at the same time)


    You need to configure the Workflow Profiles as follows:

    - Lending Workflow:
    Patron Renewal - YES
    Staff Renewal - YES
    Renewal Response - NO.

    - Borrowing Workflow:
    Automatic Renew - YES
    Renew Requested - YES
    Manual Renew - NO.
    Request Accepted - YES. 

    When selecting Action / Renew Requested for a borrowing resource sharing request, a screen will pop-up where you enter the new due date and click confirm.

    After that, the new Due Date will be immediately updated to the new Due Date.

    The borrowing resource sharing request will have Request Status "Renewed by partner" and the loan of the temporary ILL item has Loan status "Renewed".


    • Article last edited: 15-02-2018
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