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    Import Profile fails with error "Failed during Parsing record"

    • Product: Alma

    Problem Symptoms:

    An Import Profile worked before, but new files fail to load with error : "Failed during Parsing record".

    Cause 1:

    Import Profiles are setup to expect either an XML files or *.mrc

    Resolution 1:

    1. Review the input file's extension (*.xml or *.mrc)
    2. Select Alma > Resources > Manage Import Profiles
    3. Find the Import Profile which shows the error
    4. Select: Actions > Edit
    5. Verify that the "Physical source format" matches the format of the input file ("MARC21 Binary" applies for extensions *.mrc, and "MARC21 XML" is for XML files)
    6. Save and run another import

    Cause 2:

    The MARC ISO file format is incorrect.

    If the file ends with a 1D record terminator (=ASCII GS "Group Separator") followed by some characters, Alma will try and parse these characters as another record, and the validation will fail. 

    Resolution 2:

    Check that there are no 1D record terminator (diplayed as GS in Notepad++) and trailing characters after the last record. Remove if present.

    • Article last edited: 15-MAY-2018