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    Creating portfolios from bib records with multiple 856 belonging to different electronic collections

    • Product: Alma



    How do I import and create portfolios from 856 $u in the bibliographic (bib) records when the bibs have multiple portfolios that belong to different electronic collections?


    1. Create local collections and a dummy local collection, go to Resources >  Create Inventory > Add Local Electronic Collection, see Adding a Local Electronic Collection in the Additional Information section for more details. 
    2. Create import profile to import bib records and create portfolios from 856$u and attach them to the dummy local collection by choosing Portfolio type: Part of an electronic collection, see Managing Import Profiles in the Additional Information section for more details.

    Import profile.PNG

    Note: If standalone option is selected, only one portfolio will be created from the first 856 $u.

    1. Use Electronic portfolios option to search for imported portfolios based on shared information in bib/portfolio records, for example, if the portfolios have a shared domain URL. Click Save Query to create sets.
    2. Move each set of portfolios into the appropriate local collection, see Moving Portfolios to a Different Electronic Collection in the Additional Information section for more details.
      move portfolios.png
    3. Search for the local collections and confirm that they contain the portfolios as expected.

    Additional Information

    Click here to learn more about:

    Adding a Local Electronic Collection

    Managing Import Profiles

    Moving Portfolios to a different Electronic Collection


    • Article last edited: 3-DEB-2022
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