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    Inability to limit query to records modified by specific operators/staff

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: Feb 2018 Release



    A. I want to exclude records modified by the system from an extract I'm doing for
    authority work. (Although I often need to see what change was made to the original
    record, in this instance I only wanted to see what change the system made to see if the
    record still needs to be sent to our vendor--if the changes are just a result of
    authority control, I can skip those and only need to send records modified by a staff

    I can identify these in Analytics but do not see the capability in Alma advanced
    search.  When I do a Titles analysis and try to filter the "Modified By" criteria, I am
    not presented with a list of local staff members. Is there a way in Analytics to
    identify bib records modified by specific library staff members? That information
    appears when I open a bib record in MDE, so it would seem that it should be

    B. Is there any way to filter CZ records out of results other than by selecting staff
    users as operators? I want to identify all bib records created since Dec. 22 but need
    to exclude CZ records.


    A. Development is working on the list of users in the 'Modified by' field in Analytics.
    I will change the status of this case to Development. In the meantime please use the
    specific user filtering in Modified By. 

    The System user is not only for Authorities update, but also for Synchronize BIB
    records with external catalog, and Synchronize with CZ - all those jobs make records
    updated by System user. You can check what Job it was by Job's timestamp. 

    B. In Analytics we cannot exclude CZ records. This would be an enhancement. 
    CZ records can be excluded by creating a set of CZ records and then doing "Combine
    sets" and excluding this CZ-record set.  
    The "Modified by" filter could not be changed to include only the institution users,
    but it was improved so that user names won't be seen / will be masked. This improvement
    will be part of the May Release. 


    • Article last edited: 21-Feb-2018

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