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    Incoming EDI invoice lines not linking to PO lines

    • Product: Alma


    Problem Symptoms:

    • Though the RFF+SLI segment in the incoming EDI file matches the Vendor Reference Number in the PO line, the incoming invoice line did not link to the PO line
    • On the Notes tab of the invoice there is an error stating 'During EDI process the poline could not be fetched and linked to Invoice line #X according to the following data.  Please link poline manually.'


    If the vendor associated with the PO line does not match the vendor specified by EDI code in the incoming invoice's UNB segment, the invoice line will not link to the PO line, regardless of a match between the RFF+SLI and the Vendor Reference Number.


    Make sure the vendor associated with the PO lines matches the vendor specified in the incoming EDI file -- specifically, that the red text in the EDI file's UNB segment below is the same as the text in the EDI code field in the Vendor record>EDI Information>Vendor EDI Attributes>EDI Code field.






    • Article last edited: 26-Sep-2017