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    Install and run Alma Offline Circulation

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: May 2016 Release


    How to install and run Alma Offline Circulation?


    1. Download the Offline Circulation Utility from 
    2. Install the offline circulation utility using the Alma Offline Circulation Utility wizard. By default, the utility is installed in the C:\Alma Offline Circulation directory. 
    3. Click the Offline Circulation file in the C:\Alma Offline Circulation directory to run the utility. 
    4. Under Choose transaction, select Loan or Return. 
    5. Scan the borrower's library card to populate the Borrower and Item barcode fields. 
    6. Click the Loan or Return button to complete the transaction. 
    7. When all the transactions are completed, click Save to File to create a data file of all the transactions. 
    8. The data file is saved to the C:\Alma Offline Circulation\OffCirc directory 
    9. When your internet connection is restored, the data files can be uploaded to Alma from the Offline Circulation List page via Fulfillment > Advanced Tools > Offline Circulation 
    10. Click in the File name field and select the .dat file containing the list of loans and returns performed during connection downtime (the default location of the file (configured during the Offline Circulation utility installation) is: <Local Drive>\Alma Offline Circulation\OffCirc\files\OffCirc.dat) 
    11. Click Upload and Validate File Content. The job is displayed in the table at the bottom of the page. Its status is displayed in the Status column.


    • Article last edited: 06-May-2016
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