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    Input parameter "process type" in a fulfillment unit rule

    • Product: Alma


    When creating a new fulfillment unit rule, one available input parameter is "Process Type". We were told that it is not recommended to use it in certain cases. Which cases are that, and why so?


    If you set up a fulfillment unit rule for requests, you should not use the input parameter "process type" with the values "loan", "transit" or "hold shelf".

    You might want to use these parameters to restrict requests to items that are not in the shelf. However, for this purpose there is the on shelf request policy, so using those parameters would be redundant or even harmful (when used together with an on shelf request rule).

    Why is it a bad idea to use this input parameter? All items on shelf are not considered part of the rule as they have no process type. Instead the system considers all items without process type as not requestable at all. The "on shelf request policy" is a subset of requestable items. None of the requestable items is on shelf as only items on loan are considered requestable. So your on shelf request policy will never work.

    We recommend not to use the process type filter with the above-mentioned values in your input parameters. Use an On Shelf Request Policy instead.



    • Article last edited: 13-Sep-2019
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