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    Is it possible to change Fund and Ledger Fiscal Period 'Start date' or 'End date' in Alma?

    • Product: Alma


    Is it possible to change the fiscal period cycle in Alma to accommodate new start and end dates?


    Yes. The Description can be edited directly in Alma. The Start and End Dates can only be done by Ex Libris Support. Please open a support case at and cite this article in the case description.

    Support has the ability to change the start and end dates. However, the fiscal period must always be a full year. 
    So a possible change could be e.g. to change the start and dates 'from 01/07 until 30/06' to 'from 01/01 until 31/12'.
    In order to extend the period where a fund can be used for ordering and invoicing to be more than 1 year, please use the "Fiscal period end encumbrance grace period (days)" and "Fiscal period end expenditure grace period (days)" parameters in the Rules section of the fund/ledger - see documentation:


    • Article last edited: 05-May-2020