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    Item has enum - error message for Withdraw Items job


    • Product: Alma


    Report for the job "Withdraw items" shows  error: "Item has enum". What does that mean?


    The job checks for existence of loans, requests and also if a POL is linked to the item.  If the item also has enumeration, this information will precede the error "Item has PO line".  In such case, the item won't be deleted because an order exists. 

    (Technically speaking, the item may have enumeration level "a" indicating Volume number, or enumeration level "b", indicating the item had an Issue number.)

    We are also advised:  The report echoes the Events Report (which you can find from Administration > Manage Jobs and Sets > Monitor Jobs by searching for the Job ID under History and selecting Actions > Events).  It displays "ERROR_MESSAGE=the job is finished, DESCRIPTION=system job has completed successfully" when the job has run successfully; while the label "Error Type" or "ERROR_MESSAGE" is being used this does not indicate that there was an error.



    • Article last edited: 27-NOV-2017