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    Items stay in Transit status - when will it clear?

    • Product: Alma


    After receiving items in Acquisition Department, or marking as "Done" in a Work Order Department - they are marked as in Transit. When to expect the items to be in place?


    Out-of-the-box, transit time is set to a 12-hour delivery time. It is possible to assign transit time rules which will determine the expected transit time based on the location of the item requested, the pickup location and, in some cases, the material type of the item (for example, moving an oversized item from one library to another may take longer than moving an average-sized item).

    Configure transit time rules from the Transit Time Rules page: Configuration > Fulfillment > Library Management > Transit Time.


    Additional Information

    Click for more about Configuring Transit Time Rules.


    • Article last edited: 6-FEB-2019