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    Legal Deposit Without Letter

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: January 2020
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct

    Legal depository

    By Law, a publisher/author needs to deposit 2/3 copies of a book to the National Library.

    • Fund and price are not mandatory for this type of POL but possible. This means the POL will not be sent to the vendor.
    • For the physical books, Alma will send an email to the Vendor upon receiving (Thank you, legal deposit was received by the National Library) unless a "no letter" is selected.
    • For Journals, an Analytics report will be generated on a yearly basis and sent to the vendor informing them which issues arrived to the library.

    The following letters exist for orders of type LEGAL_DEPOSIT:

    • Legal deposit for annual receipts letter
    • Legal deposit claim letter
    • Legal deposit order letter
    • Legal deposit receipt letter

    Orders of LEGAL_DEPOSIT_NOLETTER type will not send a letter to the vendor, meaning if selected, all the letters below will not be sent to the vendor:

    • Legal deposit order letter
    • Legal deposit receipt letter

    The only exception is the Legal Deposit Annual Receipts letter which is information aggregated from Alma Analytics and is sent to the vendor.

    Acquisitions method LEGAL_DEPOSIT_NOLETTER does not send the order to the vendor, but, in case the institutions have the "Claim" functionality enabled, and the PO line enters to claim (expected receipt date is in the past), a claim letter for the PO line is sent to the vendor.

    Additional Information

    Alma - Working With Legal Deposit.



    • Article last edited: 10-Jan-2020
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