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    Link resolver matches an IZ record with ISSN in $y when it was expected to match a NZ record (Wall Street Journal)

    • Product: Alma


    We have current access to a NZ electronic journal which can't be accessed through Primo. 
    Individual articles do not show any available full-text coverage, though they are dated in the availability threshold.

    This issue was reported regarding to Wall Street Journal articles. 

    This is happening in situations where three records have the same ISSN:

    1. Electronic record in NZ in 776x
    2. Physical record in IZ in 022a
    3. Physical record in IZ in 022y (which is dedicated to incorrect ISSN in MARC21)

    The link resolver matches with record #3 (which is undesired) and as a result, it doesn't show the services for record #1 in viewit.


    This issue can be fixed by an internal configuration for customers who ask for it.

    The resolution is to search the NZ for the ISSN of the viewit URL (instead of the ISSN of the IZ record). If you wish to apply this configuration, please contact Alma Support. 



    • Article last edited: 01-Nov-2018
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