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    Loan of an item from another institution doesn't appear in the patron's loans

    • Product: Alma


    Our institution is a member of a fulfillment network.

    When an item from another member institution is being scanned and loaned at our library via the "Patron Services" page, the loan is being created, but the loan's transaction line is not being displayed under the Loans tab. Why?



    This is because the Loan Display is set to "All". The "All" display shows only loans of the current institution.

    In order to display the loan's transaction line when loaning, set the Loan Display to "This Session".



    1. Go to the Patron Services Loans tab.

    2. Set the Loan Display to "This Session".

    3. Check the "Item from another institution" box.

    4. Select an institution.

    5. Scan the item barcode and click OK.

    The loan's transaction line will be displayed as expected.




    • Article last edited: 11-May-2017