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    Lost Item Replacement Fee is not refunded when item is returned


    • Product: Alma



    Why is the Lost Item Replacement Fee not refunded when an item is found and returned?


    The "Loan" Terms of Use configuration, and more specifically the Policy "Lost Item Replacement Fee Refund Ratio", will determine if a lost item replacement fee should be refunded or not.

    The setup steps:

    1. Navigate to Configuration > Fulfillment > Terms of Use and Policies

    2. Filter to: Terms of Use Type: Loan 

    3. Select the applicable TOU and modify the policy: Lost Item Replacement Fee Refund Ratio.


    To add a new "Lost Item Replacement Fee Refund Radio":

    1. Navigate to Configuration > Fulfillment > Advanced Policy Configuration.

    2. Filter to: "Lost Item Replacement Fee Refund Ratio".

    3. Add or edit the policy.


    Additional Information

    Online Help on the TOU elements is found here: "Adding Fulfillment Policies".

    More about the calculation of fines and fees for a lost loan in the article: "Refund for a lost loan (lost item) - configuration".


    • Article last edited: 13-JAN-2022