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    Rerunning failed scheduled job

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: All versions



    We have instructions on how to manually rerun a scheduled Analytics job: 

    1. Go to Monitor Jobs > Scheduled 
    2 Filter: Analytics 
    3. Click the [...] button for the desired job > Run Now 

    But this morning, when our 6am Daily run failed,  we found that the "Run Now" option is not available in either the old UI or the new. 


    On the Sandbox server, you can navigate to monitor jobs > scheduled jobs, and filter to analytics and see all of the scheduled jobs. On the action, you are given the option to Run Now. 

    On the Production server, this Run Now option appears only for only the exl_support and exl_imp users.  Other logins don't see it or have it.  



    • Article last edited: 15-Feb-2018