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    Match Points for EDI Invoice and the PO Line - are they mandatory?

    • Product: Alma


    How does the EDI Invoices import match with the POL (PO Line)? What if there is no match on bib info?


    The EDI Invoice file will load the invoices even if no match is found with the POL.

    In order to link between the Invoice Line and the POL, a match should exist on the POL number, or the Vendor Reference Number.

    The field which is used to match to the Alma PO Line is:

    RFF+LI - buyer’s order line number (PO line number)


    RFF+SLI, which is the supplier's unique order line (Vendor Reference Number).  In this case, RFF+LI is not sent.

    For continuous orders, in support we find that vendors may send their Vendor Reference Number in: RFF+SNA.

    Additional Information

    Click here to read about "EDI Invoices" in the Developers Network.

    See the EDI Standards Documentation, too.


    • Article last edited: 13-NOV-2020