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    Merge Rules work for Import Profiles but not Copy Cataloging (External Resources)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Alma

    Problem Symptoms:

    A record exists in the local catalog and is replaced as expected using a ‘merge’ import profile (connexion) but is not replaced as expected using copy cataloging via External Search.  This only impacts merged records (not new additions).


    ‘Merge’ sets a primary record. 

    • Import: primary is local record
    • External resource: primary is external record

    *Metadata Editor > Rules > Merge Rules > Shared profiles:  Change to better names, add or modify merge rules for imports (local preferred record) and copy (external search preferred record).  See examples for normalization rules recommended for each type.

    *For bulk Import Profile match tab, adjust merge options as appropriate with the knowledge that ‘local record’ is preferred.
    *For External Resources, set Alma > Resource Management > Configuration Menu > Other Setting > ‘upload_single_record_from_file’ to new merge profile.  During external record copy, external record (incoming) is preferred.  Ensure merge profile retains local fields (001, 035, 9xx, etc.).


    Additional Information

    Detailed examples in Alma > Documentation > Online Help > Resource Management > "Working with Merge Rules".   Examples of Rules for Import Profiles and Copy Cataloging


    Category: Metadata editor - Alma

    Subject: Import/Loading - Alma

    • Article last edited: 9/28/2016