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    Normalization rules: "The file cannot be saved due to a compilation error"

    • Product: Alma


    After copying and pasting a normalization rule from the documentation, trying to preview or save the rule results in the following message:

    "The file cannot be saved due to a compilation error:[13,48]: [ERR 105] Line 13:48 required (...)+ loop did not match anything at input '' [16,0]: [ERR 102] Line 16:0 mismatched input '' [13,48]: [ERR 101] Line 13:48 no viable alternative at input 'z' in rule "remove subfield z from 852 field?€? when (eval ( true )) then NormalizationUtil.removeSubField(targetObj," "

    What is causing this error?


    The problem is caused by an invalid character. This is most commonly caused by formatted curved quotation marks. These should be replaced by a straight quotation marks.


    rule “remove subfield b from 900 field”

    The above example is using formatted left and right quotation marks.

    This should be corrected to use straight quotation marks:

    rule "remove subfield b from 900 field"


    • Article last edited: 08-Oct-2021