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    Error Message: Not a Valid Input for Country

    • Product: Alma, Primo



    In Primo, we get the following error message when attempting to update user information: 

    UserAddress [city=A4B5C749DD99038EF55A46761C2DCFE7, country=600FBA393B4FD0B2D993A304E0115CBD, line1=BC5D2F26BAE59FCBEAB2EEBCE89803F910E2AAFA02C9DC27B7536112CEA03D38, user=172342700002341] is not a valid input for Country. 


    The message may be displayed in a similar form such as: 


    UK is not a valid input for Country. 


    This error message indicates that the user's address holds an invalid country code. 
    Alma is using ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 for country codes. 

    To check the user's country code: 
        1. In Alma, open the user account. 
        2. Go to "Contact Information" tab.
        3. Click on the address. 
        4. See if the country code is a ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 valid code. 

    The country code ultimately is not a functional field. We recommend customers to adhere to ISO codes in their pre-migration cleanup efforts. 

    In order to correct the country code for external users, change the country data coming from the SIS to valid country codes. On the next users sync the address data in Alma will be overwritten and the issue will be resolved. 

    Additional Information

    See ISO Online Browsing Platform search for updated country codes.


    • Article last edited: 04-Jun-2017