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    PO lines not found in the Electronic Collection Editor

    • Product: Alma
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    In attempting to link an electronic collection to a POL, we are finding frequent instances in which a POL that IS findable through a POL search is NOT findable from the search engine associated with the Collection editor. Why are many PO lines unavailable for linking the collection?


    When a staff user edits an electronic collection and clicks the magnifying glass next to the PO Line field then they get a list of POLs of type Electronic Collection. The staff user is not able to see POLs of other purchase types in order to link them to the electronic collection. This is an intentional design restriction that collections can only be linked to Package type PO Lines. This restriction assures the data is in sync.

    Changing the POL type is unfortunately not possible.

    If you just want to link the PO line for informational and reporting purposes using the Additional PO lines, please note that the same restrictions apply, only Electronic type and Service type PO Lines can be added as an additional PO Lines to an Electronic resource.



    • Article last edited: 10-May-2017
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