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    Problems with 'PO Line - Send EDI' process

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    The send EDI process on 2nd December ended with errors with this message:
    "Failed to login to FTP server with user name and password . Please check connection details."
    I think this was a temporary problem because other EDI jobs have run since without error.
    The problem is that the two order lines that should have been sent have not been resent. How can we get them resent to the vendor?


    If there was a problem with the EDI process, e.g. login to the vendor's ftp server failed like in your case, the order returns in status Review / Ready (both POLs that you mention are in this status). Normally you would now need to fix the EDI details in the vendor record and put the correct login details but from what you wrote it seems like the details are correct and there was only a tempoary problem with the vendor's ftp server.
    So in your case, you simply need to go to the 'Purchase Orders in Review' task list (Alma Menu > Purchase Order > Review), retrieve the PO and choose Actions / Edit, then click 'Save and Continue'. This indicates that all issues with the order were resolved now and it will send the order to the vendor right there and then.

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    Subject: EDI - Alma

    • Article last edited: 1/9/2014