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    Recalled overdue fine disappears

    • Product: Alma


    When a request is cancelled the recall is cancelled as well, and recalled overdue fines disappear from the "manage patron services" workbench.


    This is the desired system behaviour. The recalled overdue fine is an increased overdue fine if a customer fails to return an item despite an existing recall. If the recall does not exist anymore, there is no reason for an increased fine anymore. Note that fines displayed in the patron services are potential fines that are imposed in case that an item is returned now - they may change in case of an actual return.

    The situation is different for a regular overdue fine. This fine will of course remain even when a recall is cancelled.

    Note: There is a development on the long term roadmap to retain a recall even though the request triggering the recall has been fulfilled.

    • Article last edited: 14-July-2017