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    Report to Ex Libris (CRM Contact) gives error "User doesn't exist"


    Product: Alma


    Report to Ex Libris link from CZ gives message "User doesn't exist". What does this link do and how do I set it up?  How do I correct the error?



    The "Report to Ex Libris" button enables to communicate a Community Zone data issue to the Alma Data Services team, while in Alma, by creating a Support Portal case.

    The link is available when searching the "Community" tab > click: Portfolio List > see the button "Report to Ex Libris".

    The error can occur when the your CRM Contact configuration does not match your Support Portal user.

    1. Go to Configuration Menu > General > General Configuration > CRM Contacts
    2. Confirm the configuration is as follows:
      • Name – The name that appears under Contact Information (usually first and last name).
      • Salesforce ID – Your Support Portal username, which is your email address.
      • Customer Center ID – Leave blank.
      • E-mail – Your e-mail address.
    3. If updating the configuration does not solve the error, please delete the row and add it again with the above settings.
    4. If deleting the row and adding a new one did not solve the issue, please contact us at 

    Additional Information

    See Configuring CRM Contacts for information on adding contacts.

    Don't have a Support Portal user? See How do I request a Support Portal Login for a new staff member?

    • Article last edited: 29-Mar-2022
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