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    Resource Sharing Lending requests - Clicking on Manage Fulfillment Options shows no services

    • Product: Alma





    In the Resource Sharing Lending Requests Task List, when clicking on 'Manage Fulfillment Options', it says 'No records were found' in the Physical Services sections of the screen, although the title does have items.
    There isn't any error message.
    The relevant 'Requests' TOU has a "Is Requestable for Resource Sharing?" policy of Yes and there are available items.
    Why are they not appearing in the Physical Services section?


    The Resource Sharing Library does not have a Supply from relation with item's library.
    When this relation is missing, the library’s items don’t even appear.

    Please go to Fulfillment Configuration > you are currently configuring "Resource Sharing Library" > Relationships > choose the item's library and tick the "Supply from" checkbox.

    After that, the item will successfully appear in the Physical Services section when clicking on 'Manage Fulfillment Options'.




    • Article last edited: 10-May-2017