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    SIS job fails with Failed to change working directory to directory or No such file

    • Product: Alma



    The SIS Integration Profile job started failing lately. The Report (View) is not detailed.  However, when inspecting the Job History and the Events, find  errors such as:

    (...) was failed during process: Failed to change working directory to directory (...) General error (...) No such file (...)



    It is suggested to check:

    1. Remember the basics, the XML file needs to be saved in a zip file.
    2. For the configuration of the FTP server (Configuration > General > S/FTP Definitions):
      • Test connection to the FTP from: Configuration > General > S/FTP Definitions. More about user permission in "Adding S/FTP Connections".
      • The documentation adds that a subdirectory is needed. "This field cannot remain empty, otherwise the import/export fails and returns an error message." 
      • The user should have permissions for this subdirectory as well.
    3. For the configuration of the SIS Integration Profile (Configuration > General > Integration Profile > Users):
      • A subdirectory needs to be defined in the SIS Integration Profile's SYNCHRONIZE section. If there is no such need, and the files are placed in the subdirectory defined in step #2, just put:   ./  (dot slash, or just: slash).
      • In the SIS Integration Profile - test by running the job from the SYNCHRONIZE section. 

    Additional Information

    Read about SIS loader in the Developers Network

    Click here for the Online Help on Student Information Systems

    And about Adding S/FTP Connections




    • Article last edited: 5-MAY-2021