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    Record which is attached to an electronic collection gets published twice to Primo

    • Product: Alma


    Why is a record which is attached to an electronic collection gets published twice to Primo? How can I fix this?


    Sometimes a record that is attached to an electronic collection gets published twice in Primo. This creates double publishing information and therefore issues in Primo.

    Case A: Record is linked to two electronic collections, in reality, it is supposed to be linked only with one electronic collection. This means that the aforementioned electronic collection should be linked again correctly with the record. If that happens the second publishing information should disappear and the problem should be fixed.

    Case B: Bibliographic record is linked to an electronic collection using field "Additional descriptive information" in the electronic collection record. The bibliographic record is then published automatically. The publishing for the bibliographic record in Metadata Editor should be set to "SUPPRESSED=YES".

    In order to fix the problem described in Case A please follow the instructions below:

    1. In Alma search for the electronic collection ID of the problematic bibliographic record
    2. Click on Edit collection
    3. In Electronic Collection Editor, go to the Additional tab and then to the Additional descriptive information
    4. Replace the value there with the correct record.
    5. After performing the instructions above, the publishing on the bibliographic record should be set to suppressed=yes. Otherwise, the title will be published twice and will lead to two identical records in Primo or to two versions of a title in Primo.

    • Article last edited: 16-Dec-2019