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The effects adding an item description has on requesting.

  • Product: Alma
  • Product Version: All



How does adding an item level description affect the requesting process?


If a title has at least one item that contains a description, the description dropdown in the request form becomes a mandatory field when requesting from an all titles search. 

Note that when requesting from an all titles search, the request is always on the title level.


If a title has multiple items but not all have a description ALL must be selected since the field cannot remain blank.  In this case a note can be added to clarify what is needed.


Otherwise, the request must be initiated on the item level.  This means completing a physical items repository search, finding the exact item needed and then performing a request.


See that the item level request (request from the items search) does not have description as a mandatory field.


  • Article last edited: 16-Aug-2018