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    To what extent is Alma historical data made available in Alma Analytics?

    • Product: Alma



    To what extent is Alma historical data made available in Alma Analytics? Is it possible to find information in Analytics based on the old, or new data fields? What if configuration has changed the Labels?


    Analytics will extract the transactional data to Analytics as it exists, upon save. 

    In some situations, when the data changes and the transaction is still active – historical data will be extracted to Analytics and preserved. An example is the “Item Location at Time of Loan” (see documentation link below).

    An example of transactions that can’t be re-extracted unless the information was updated is the Invoice Reporting Code. If a Reporting Code has changed for a certain PO Line (order), it will refreshed only if the data (such as the POL or Invoice) were updated afresh in Alma.

    Consulting with the development team, also in this scenario, legacy data is preserved: Deleting libraries from Alma will not affect Analytics reports because it's a logical deletion. Deleting a library only changes the status in the database, from "ACTIVE' to 'DELETED'. On the library dimension, we have the 'Libray Name (Active)' field. When the report includes this field it, will be empty for deleted libraries. The report will need to use 'Library Name' field instead, in order to see all the Library names - Active and Deleted.

    Based on the experience of customers, another example is if the "Organization Unit Name" has changed.  The old name will stay as is in fields that refer to the “Institution Name”, such as “Loan Details”.”Loans – Linked from Institution Name”.




    • Article last edited: 18-MAR-2024