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    Users with overdue items: allow renewals but do not allow loans

    • Product: Alma



    We want users with overdue items to be blocked from loaning items; however, they should still be able to renew their loans.


    Is it possible to configure this?


    Go to the Fulfillment Configuration Menu > Block Preferences.

    Find the rows for "Patron overdue limit has exceeded" and "Patron overdue recall limit has exceeded".

    In the "Blocks" column you choose if loans, renews or both should be blocked. So in this case change it to "Loan".

    The overdue limit is defined in Fulfillment Configuration Menu > Patron limits. If you set the overdue limit to "0", having 1 overdue item is already exceeding the limit.



    Note: There is currently no configuration available to only prevent renewal of overdue loans (while keeping non-overdue loans renewable).

    • Article last edited: 07-Jul-2022
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