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    Using the Portfolio Loader to Prevent Local Portfolios from Activation

    Product: Alma


    When using the portfolio loader with an Excel file to activate titles in an existing Community Zone collection, is it possible to prevent the system from creating a local portfolio when no match exists between a title in the Excel file and the Community Zone collection?


    It is not possible to automatically prevent the creation of local portfolios in this scenario. 

    Additional Information

    If you wish to delete local portfolios that are created by the Excel file and portfolio loader, follow these steps: 

    1. Export the list of portfolios from the electronic collection (Electronic Services Editor > Portfolios tab) using the Extended Export
    2. Edit the Excel file to remove all portfolios except the local portfolios you wish to delete and save the file 
    3. From the Portfolios tab on the Electronic Services Editor, select Load Portfolios to open the Activation Wizard
    4. In the Select file section, use the Browse to navigate to the file you saved
    5. In the Select Loading Policy section, select Incremental, then choose the Delete option
    6. Select Next and proceed to run the Portfolio Loader

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    • Article last edited: 27-Mar-2020
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