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    What does "Integrated with Vendor System as false" mean in PO Line History

    • Product: Alma



    In PO Line history, what does "Integrated with Vendor System" mean (as false or true)?


    This field ("Integrated with vendor system") is part of the PO Line history and in any PO Line change, Alma checks if this field needs to be changed, which is why it is seen in the history even though no data/values have been changed.

    Currently this field is only relevant for OASIS Orders where the vendor is defined with Integrated system. When this is the case, a new button "Integrate with OASIS" will be displayed and when the user clicks it, the PO Line will be created in the vendor's system in real-time and the field "Integrated with vendor system" will become true.


    • Article last edited: 30-Mar-2020
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