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    When using the Resend Printouts/Emails page, can the printouts be sent to any printer?

    • Product: Alma


    When using the Resend Printouts/Emails page to reprint notices generated by a specific job, can the printouts be sent to any printer?


    Currently, the Reprint function will only print notices to the same printer that was configured for the original job.

    The Resend Printouts/Emails page (Fulfillment > Advanced Tools > Resend Printouts/Emails) enables you to print or email previously generated letters or notices. There are 3 options for the "Letter send format" of the regenerated notice, "Print", "Mail" (email only), and "Print and Email".




    Here are some additional guidelines for using this tool:
    • When only the "Job ID" field is filled, the notices generated from that particular job will be resent to the original printer. No other fields are required to be filled.
    • Whenever using the tool without filling in a Job ID, the "From Date" and "To Date" fields must be filled.
    • The "Printer Owner" field represents the location (i.e. the institution or a library of the institution) to which a printer is attached. If this field is filled, then the "Printer Name" field can optionally be used to specify an individual printer. If both the "Job ID" and any printer information ("Printer Owner"/"Printer Name") are entered, the specified "Printer Owner" and "Printer Name" must be the same as the location/printer selected for the original job. 
    • If any fields besides Job ID are input into the page, additional fields may also be required in conjunction. Any missing fields will be specified in an error message. The following table summarizes these relationships:
    Field Entered Other Fields Required
    Job ID None
    Printer Owner

    -Printer Name, Printout/Email Type, or Job ID

    -From Date/To Date (unless Job ID is also entered)

    Printout/Email Type

    -From Date/To Date

    *Please note that it is not possible to use the tool with both "Job ID" and "Printout/Email Type" filled*


    Additional Information

    See Resending Printouts and Emails.


    • Article last edited: 10-Jun-2021