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    Why are my overdue and lost items not receiving the correct status?

    • Product: Alma



    I created a new Lost and Overdue Loan Profile; why is it not applying to current lost or overdue items?


    Running the "status update" step will prevent duplicate notifications from being sent to users with overdue and lost items; however, this step also prevents the statuses of lost items from being updated. 

    The following steps should address any items with incorrect statuses:

    1. Open Alma Configuration > Fulfillment > Physical Fulfillment > Overdue and Lost Loan Profile and select the new profile
    2. Make a minor edit (for example, turn the "active" button off and on again) and click "save" on the top right 
    3. Do NOT run status update as Alma suggests 
    4. Using the ellipsis on the far right of the profile select "Run Now" 



    • Article last edited: 25-Apr-2018