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    Failed to move item error message

    • Product: Alma



    I keep encountering a "Failed to move item" error message when attempting to change the permanent location of an item; why can't I move this item?


    You may be missing a subfield in your 852 holdings field, which can cause this error to occur. Take the following steps to add an 852 subfield and update the location:

    1. Open a holdings record that currently resides in the target permanent location.
    2. Click the View
    3. Copy/paste the 852 field into a .txt file for reference.
    4. Do a physical items search for the barcode of the item to be moved
    5. Click 'Edit Item' 
    6. Click 'View all holdings' 
    7. Row actions > Edit 
    8. Compare the 852 field with the saved 852 field for missing subfields; if one is absent you may enter a more accurate value or create a new subfield: $$* UNASSIGNED 
    9. Save the record 
    10. Go back and do a physical items search for the items barcode
    11. Click 'Edit Item' 
    12. Under 'Location Information', select the holdings location you want to move it to. 
    13. Save the record. 

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    • Article last edited: 29-Oct-2018