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    Moving Items


    This page describes how to move items to a new location. For a full overview of the requests workflow starting from the different ways a request can enter into the Alma system through to scanning and final processing, see Resource Requests Workflow.

    To move an item, you must have the following role:
    • Requests Operator
    Staff users can request for items in the repository to be moved either permanently or temporarily from one location/library to another.
    For more information, see Move and Create Requests. (3:17 min)
    The Requests Operator sends the item to the requested location, where the barcode is scanned to document its new location.
    To move an item:
    1. Create a request to move an item permanently or temporarily (see Creating a Request).
    2. Follow the typical Resource Requests Workflow:
      1. Locate the item (see Managing Requests and Work Orders)
      2. Take the item from its location (see Pickup at Shelf)
      3. Scan the barcode (see Scanning Items)
      4. Move the item to its new location, and scan its barcode again (see Scanning Items)
      If additional information about the moved item (such as its location) must be changed, select the Change Item Information tab (see Changing Item Information).
    For a video on how to manage move requests and monitor their processes in Alma, see Move Request Management. (2:46 min)
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