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    Why the Restore Request Job Fails?

    • Product: Alma



    The Restore Request Job fails continuously. I went into Fulfillment > Advanced Tools > View Restore Request Jobs and I see all recent jobs had fail.

    Where I need to go to fix this? 


    The Restore Request  job will fail in case one of the items that are to be restored is temporary located in a physical location that isn't related to any circulation desk.


    In order to find the problematic item, go to repository advanced search and search for Physical Items where:

    1. "In temporary location" equals "Yes"

    2. "Due back from temp location date" - Select "after" and for the date select the day before the last successful Restore Request job was run. 

    Review the results and check if one of the items in the list is located at a temporary location that has no circulation desk attached to it.

    In order to check this: 
    1. Go to Fulfillment configuration menu 
    2. Make sure you are configuring the correct library level. 
    3. Go to Physical Locations

    4. Select the item's temporary location from the locations table. 
    5. If no circulation desk is attached to this location, attach a new circulation desk and Save. 

    After all temporary locations will have an attached circulation desk, the Job will complete successfully. 

    Additional Information

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    • Article last edited: 01-Jun-2017