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    Transferring Money Between Allocated Funds

    To manage fund allocation transfer, you must have the following role:
    • Fund Manager
    You can transfer (move) money from one allocated fund to another. This adds a negative allocation to the source fund and a positive allocation to the target fund.
    You can transfer money only between funds in the same fiscal period. Depending on the configuration of the Transfers prior to fiscal period parameter within your ledger, you may be able to transfer money a few days before the fiscal period begins, or may be prevented from transferring money for a few days after the fiscal period starts; see Adding a Ledger.
    To create copies of allocated funds and allocations in a new ledger when rolling over the fiscal year, see Fiscal Period Closure. This procedure is an entirely different feature from transferring allocations between funds in the same fiscal period.
    When searching funds, the search uses an index that indexes both the fund name and fund code. This is intended to reduce performance issues.
    Watch the Transferring Funds video (3:00 mins).
    You transfer funds on the Funds Transfer page (Acquisitions > Acquisitions Infrastructure > Transfer Funds) or on a fund's Transaction tab (see Performing Fund Transactions).
    Funds Transfer (Move Allocations)
    To transfer money from any allocated fund to another fund:
    1. On the Funds Transfer page, select the fund from which you want to transfer money in From fund.
    2. In To fund, select the fund to which you want to transfer money.
    3. In Amount, enter the amount you want to transfer.
    4. Enter any notes you want to include with the transfer in Transaction note.
    5. Select Add Transfer Transaction and select Confirm in the confirmation dialog box.
      The details of the transaction appear on the page, as well as in the Transactions tabs of the relevant funds.
    To cancel the money transfer between funds:
    • If the transfer transaction was erroneous, you can cancel it. To do so, delete the transaction from both funds: delete the positive transfer from the source fund, and delete the negative transfer from the target fund.

    In order to undo a transfer, you must delete the transactions in both funds. Deleting one will not delete the other.

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