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    Contributing to the Resource Sharing Directory


    What is the Resource Sharing Directory?

    The directory is a central place with up-to-date information about resource sharing libraries in Alma. Libraries opt-in and define themselves in the directory with a few simple steps. Being in the directory will allow other libraries to find your institution and create a peer-to-peer resource sharing relationship with you simply and with less back and forth communication over technical connection details.

    In the directory, an Alma connection or an ILLiad connection can be defined per your preferred staff interface.

    For more information, see The Exlibris Resource Sharing Directory. (5:11 min)

    What are the steps?

    1. As a prerequisite, you will need to have a resource sharing library defined in Alma. This can be one library, or many based on your specific needs. Each resource sharing library in Alma will need a corresponding member in the directory.
    2. Finally, you must define Participating Items for each member.

    This content is for institutions that already have their resource sharing libraries defined in Alma.

    Create a Member

    If your institution has multiple campuses/libraries that manage their resource sharing operations separately and independently, please add one member per resource sharing library.

    Use the Settings > Configuration > Fulfillment > Contribute to Resource Sharing Directory > Resource Sharing Directory Member to create a Resource Sharing Member.


    Resource Sharing Members

    Member Attributes Tab


    Edit Resource Sharing Member

    The following fields are displayed in the directory to help other institutions find and identify you.

    1. Name
    2. Description
    3. Status - refers to the current status of the member (active/inactive).

    Pods I’m part of is a field that is configured by the Exlibris Resource Sharing team based on your participation in pods available in your region. Please contact Ex Libris if you would like to join a pod.

    Manage requests in enables you to define whether you would like to send and receive ILL requests in Alma or ILLiad.

    When selecting ILLiad, you will need to define additional connection details.

    Member Address - The address that is used for displaying the shipping address. The shipping address is what is defined in the contact information tab of the RS library. The shipping email and shipping phone are also displayed when another institution downloads you as a resource sharing partner.

    Physical Items Lending Policies Tab

    Once you complete the member details, move to the next tab.

    Defining Participating items lets you indicate which physical items you are willing to lend Rapido members that are part of your reciprocal pods. This is a mandatory step for joining the Resource Sharing Directory.

    Properly defining participating items cuts down on staff time having to reject requests that are not lendable.

    Required steps:
    1. Supplies physical items must be checked if you plan on sharing physical items.
    2. Add Participating Items.

    Clicking Add Participating Item opens the screen below. You can define the physical items that you have approved for resource sharing based on material type, item policy and location.


    Add Participating Items

    Physical items are only available for lending when Supplies physical items is checked.


    Edit Lending Policies

    If you have requested and joined a reciprocal pod, you will need to link your participating items to that pod. You will know this is done when the pod is displayed under Pods I’m part of.

    For now, you are done!

    Updating Member Details in the Resource Sharing Directory

    If at any point you need to change information in the repository, you can edit your member details. This will automatically update the directory.

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