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    Resending Printouts and Emails

    To resend printouts and emails, you must have one of the following permissions:
    • Fulfillment Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    The Resend Printouts/Emails page (Fulfillment > Advanced Tools > Resend Printouts/Emails) enables you to resend printouts or emails from the attachments that were sent previously.
    Resend Printouts/Emails Page
    The run parameters include:
    • From Date - Resend letters only starting from this date.
    • To Date - Resend letters only up to this date.
    • Printer Owner - Resend letters only for this institution/library.
    • Printer Name - Select the printer to which to write the letters.
    • Job ID - Only resend letters matching this job ID.
    • Printout/Email Type - Only resend letters of this type:
      • Borrowed By Letter (FulBorrowedByLetter)
      • Borrower Overdue Email Letter (BorrowerOverdueEmailLetter)
      • Borrowing Activity Letter (FulUserBorrowingActivityLetter)
      • Courtesy Letter (FulUserLoansCourtesyLetter)
      • Document Delivery Notification Letter (FulDigitizationDocumentDeliveryNotificationLetter)
      • Fine Fee Payment Receipt Letter (FineFeePaymentReceiptLetter)
      • Fines And Fees Report Letter (FinesAndFeesReportLetter)
      • Ful Borrowing Info Letter (FulBorrowingInfoLetter)
      • Ful Cancel Email Letter (FulCancelEmailLetter)
      • Ful Cancel Request Letter (FulCancelRequestLetter)
      • Ful Citation Slip Letter (FulCitationSlipLetter)
      • Ful Citations Slip Letter (FulCitationsSlipLetter)
      • Ful Digitization Notification Item Letter (FulDigitizationNotificationItemLetter)
      • Ful Fines\Fees Notification Letter (FulFinesFeesNotificationLetter)
      • Ful Incoming Slip Letter (FulIncomingSlipLetter)
      • Ful Lost Loan Letter (FulLostLoanLetter)
      • Ful Lost Loan Notification Letter (FulLostLoanNotificationLetter)
      • Ful Lost Refund Fee Loan Letter (FulLostRefundFeeLoanLetter)
      • Ful Outgoing Email Letter (FulOutgoingEmailLetter)
      • Ful Overdue And Lost Loan Letter (FulOverdueAndLostLoanLetter)
      • Ful Overdue And Lost Loan Notification Letter (FulOverdueAndLostLoanNotificationLetter)
      • Ful Personal Delivery Letter (FulPersonalDeliveryLetter)
      • Ful Pickup Print Slip Report Letter (FulPickupRequestReportLetter)
      • Ful Renew Email Letter (FulRenewEmailLetter)
      • Ful Resource Request Slip Letter (FulReasourceRequestSlipLetter)
      • Ful Transit Slip Letter (FulTransitSlipLetter)
      • General Assign To Letter (GeneralAssignToLetter)
      • Lending Requests Report Slip Letter (LendingReqReportSlipLetter)
      • Lending Recall Email Letter (LendingRecallEmailLetter)
      • Loan Receipt Letter (FulLoanReceiptLetter)
      • Loan Status Notice (FulItemChangeDueDateLetter)
      • Notify Upon Renewal Letter (NotifyUponRenewalLetter)
      • On Hold Shelf Letter (FulPlaceOnHoldShelfLetter)
      • Overdue Notice Letter (FulUserOverdueNoticeLetter)
      • Query To Patron Letter (QueryToPatronLetter)
      • Query To Requester Letter (QueryToRequesterLetter)
      • Receiving Slip Letter (ReceivingSlipLetter)
      • Resend Notification Letter (ResendNotificationLetter)
      • Resource Sharing Return Slip Letter (ResourceSharingReturnSlipLetter)
      • Resource Sharing Shipping Slip Letter (ResourceSharingShippingSlipLetter)
      • Return Receipt Letter (FulReturnReceiptLetter)
      • Short loan Letter (FulShortLoanLetter)
      • Shortened Due Date Letter (FulShortenedDueDateLetter)
    For more information about letters, see Configuring Alma Letters.
    For more information on resending printouts and emails, see the Resending Printouts/Emails video (1:12 mins).