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    Configuring Request-Cancellation Reasons

    To configure request-cancellation reasons, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Fulfillment Administrator
    • General System Administrator

    When a fulfillment request, such as a hold or a resource-sharing borrowing request, is cancelled, a reason for the cancellation must be specified. Request cancellation can be performed automatically by the system, manually in Alma by a staff member, or manually by a patron in the discovery system.

    When a request is cancelled manually in Alma, the user performing the cancellation must specify a reason for the cancellation by selecting one from a list of possible reasons (see, for example, Cancelling a Hold Request). The options that appear in this list are defined in a code table. Initially, the code table contains a default list of reasons, each of which is identified by a code and a description. The code identifies the reason in the system, while the description is what the user sees in the list of cancellation reasons. 

    Request-cancellation reasons are hard-coded; they cannot be deleted, and their codes cannot be modified. However, you can modify their descriptions, and you can disable any reason if you do not want it to appear in the list.

    Default List of Request-Cancellation Reasons

    The following request-cancellation reason codes are defined in the system, with the default descriptions listed under Description. Codes identified in the last column as Manual only appear in the list of reasons available to users when they manually cancel a request, but are not applied by the system. 

    Default Request-Cancellation Reasons
    Code Description Applied by System in these Scenarios
    CancelledAtPatronRequest Cancelled at patron's request A patron request is deleted by REST API.
    PurchaseRequest Library will try to purchase the resource A resource-sharing request is changed into a purchase request.
    ItemNeededForCourseReserves Item is needed for Course Reserves Manual only
    RequestSwitched Request switched Manual only
    DuplicateRequest Duplicate request Manual only
    RequestedMaterialCannotBeLocated Requested material cannot be located A request is cancelled because the item is not available.
    InventoryMoved Items moved A request is canceled because the item was moved to a location that didn't answer the request's conditions.
    ItemsWithdrawn Items withdrawn A digitization request is cancelled because the item has already been digitized.
    CannotBeFulfilled Cannot be fulfilled A request is cancelled because it was not approved, either because the item was not yet incorporated into the inventory, or because the item's terms of use do not permit the fulfillment of the request.
    PatronNotInterested Patron no longer interested Manual only
    RequestUpdated Request was changed due to update A request is cancelled because it was updated and cannot be fulfilled in its new form.
    BookingReleaseTimePassed Booking request passed its release time A booking request passes its release time.
    ExpiredOnHoldShelf Time to pick up resource from hold shelf has passed A hold request is cancelled when the item is on the hold shelf but the time for pick up has expired.
    DateNeededByPassed Date needed by has passed A request is cancelled by a job because it is expired - that is, its needed-by date has passed.
    FailedToLocateSuppliers Failed to locate potential suppliers A resource-sharing request is cancelled because no partners in the rota can supply the item.
    RejectedBySupplier Supplier rejected the request A resource-sharing borrowing request is rejected by the lending partner.
    AsrsCannotFulfill ASRS cannot fulfill request A request is cancelled because an error was received from the ASRS.
    RemoteStorageCannotFulfill Remote Storage cannot fulfill request A request is cancelled because of a communication error in the swisslog.
    ConvertedToResourceSharingRequest Converted to resource sharing request A request is cancelled because it was converted to a resource-sharing request.
    NoAvailableItemsForBookingAtActivation No available items for booking request at activation time. Manual only
    FailedDuringBookingTriggerCreation Failed during creation of the booking request trigger. A booking request is cancelled because its start time was reached but activation failed.
    CancelledOutOfInstitution Request cancelled by operator of a different institution. A request is cancelled by a different institution.
    RequestExpired Request expired A request is cancelled because it expired. This can occur with various types of requests, such as remote-storage requests and resource-sharing borrowing requests.
    ItemAlreadyAvailable Item is already available Manual only
    ResourceFoundInInstitution The resource sharing request was cancelled because the resource was found in your institution. A local request was created instead. A resource-sharing request is cancelled because the item was found in the institution.
    ItemMissing Item is missing Manual only
    AdditionalReason01... AdditionalReason10 Additional Reason 01... Additional Reason 10 Ten additional codes that can be enabled and configured by the institution, as required, for manual cancellations.

    Configuring the List of Request-Cancellation Reasons

    You can configure the request-cancellation reasons that appear in the list available to users performing in the Request Cancellation Reasons Code Table page (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment> Physical Fulfillment > Request Cancellation Reasons). Although you cannot add or delete any items, you can customize the list in a number of ways:

    • Enable a code if you want it to appear in the list, or disable it if you do not want it to appear in the list
    • Modify the description of a code - it is the description that appears in the list that users see

    For information about working with code tables, see Code Tables.

    Req Cancel Code Table.jpg
    Code Table Page – Request Cancellation Reasons
    You can also create up to ten custom reasons by enabling and configuring any of the ten Additional Reason codes. For example, in the code table in the illustration above, you could enable AdditionalReason03 and modify its description as required, as shown below:
    Req Cancel Code Add Reason.jpg
    Additional Reason 03 enabled and configured