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    Introduction to Resource Management

    Resource management comprises the administration of the library's many resources and search-related activities.
    Resource Management contains the following workflows/sections:
    • Metadata Management – Cataloging, including working with the MD Editor, searching external resources, and other related tasks. For a detailed explanation, see Metadata Management.
    • Inventory – Creating and managing inventory activities. For a detailed explanation, see Inventory.
    • Deposits – Submitting digital content to Alma to be added to the repository. For a detailed explanation, see Deposits.
    • Record Import – Importing bibliographic and authority records by creating, editing, viewing, copying, deleting, and running import profiles. For a detailed explanation, see Record Import.
    • Advanced Tools – Collection analysis and repository management activities. See Advanced Tools.
    • Publishing – Managing profiles for publishing content to external resources. See Publishing Profiles.
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