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    Merging Patron Records


    To run the Merge Users option, you must have one of the following roles:

    • User Manager - with the Merge Patrons privilege
    • User Administrator - with the Merge Patrons privilege

    You can set up a job to merge duplicate Patron user records into another user record. The merge moves all fulfillment activities (loans, requests, fines/fees, interested users and circulation history) to the new user record and includes an option to decide which segments to merge (contacts, Identifiers, notes, blocks, demerits, statistics, attachments and proxy for). Select the Merge Users page (Admin > User Management > Merge Users).

    When this process runs, the duplicate user is deleted (the equivalent of "Fully Remove", see Configuring User Deletion. The "Delete User Policy" setting configured on the Delete User Policy page (Configuration Menu > User Management > General > Delete User Policy) is ignored in this case.) 

    The record that is being merged must not have any role other than Patron.

    When merging an AFN account, loans and requests will not be merged. User records are merged at the user institution. This does not affect FN requests and loans since they are managed at the item owner institution.

    To enable this feature, contact Ex Libris customer support.

    Watch the Merge Duplicate Patron Records video (2:17 min).

    Merge Users.png

    Merge Users Page
    To merge users:
    1. Select Add Job
    2. Select the From User and To User by typing the user name or by selecting from the pick list.

      Merge Users.png

      Merge Users Selection Window
    3. Select the desired segments in the Segments to be copied check boxes.
    4. Select Merge and Confirm. As the confirmation message states, the action is irreversible. Upon confirm, the Merge Users job runs.
    The record that is being merged (the "From" user) must not have any role other than Patron. If the "User Roles" checkbox is selected, then that Patron role is copied to the destination user (the "To" user). If the checkbox is clear, this role will not be copied over to the destination user. 
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