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    Configuring Digital Adoption

    To configure digital adoption, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator


    Ex Libris is deploying Pendo, a digital adoption tool, across Alma and other components of our higher-education back-office suite.

    • Pendo is a Digital Adoption tool used by SAAS (Software as a Service) software companies to identify usage trends and to provide users with an optimized user experience. It provides information on user trends and behavioral analytics to help improve the user experience.
    • The implementation of Digital Adoption on the HEP (Higher Education Platform) is designed with our business partners to ensure that no personal data is passed through to Pendo.
    • As part of our ongoing effort to improve the user experience, Digital Adoption helps us identify complex workflows where users might be struggling. This gives us the input needed to improve or simplify these workflows. In the future, we will add a new walkthrough, which provides in-app guidance. In the future, there might be additional capabilities such as in-app help, messaging, user feedback, and more.
    • The digital adoption will be functional only for users where:
      • Pendo is operating based on their country and institution’s policy.
      • The Digital Adoption configuration is turned ON (see Activating/De-activating Digital Adoption).
      • The user accepted functional and targeting cookies.

    For more information about Pendo, see the FAQ.

    For more information about data collection, data privacy, and the anonymization process, check the Technical document.

    Activating/De-activating Digital Adoption

    Administrators can activate or de-activate the digital adoption tool at their institution.

    1. Access the Digital Adoption page in Alma (Configuration Menu > General > General Configuration > Digital Adoption).
    2. Slide the Active button to the right until it appears in blue (Active Button in Digital Adoption page).
    3. To de-activate digital adoption, slide the Active button to the left until it appears greyed out/disabled (De-Activating the Digital Adoption Tool).

    Digital Adoption Activation Page

    Digital Adoption Activation page
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