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    Alma Environment Multi Tabs



    Alma introduces a new feature that enables users to open multiple tabs within the same Alma environment for a logged-in user. This improvement enhances productivity and efficiency by enabling users to simultaneously open records in distinct internet browser tabs. This facilitates seamless copying of information between tabs and performing various tasks or workflows concurrently. For instance, the same Alma environment logged-in by the same user and in the same internet browser (e.g. Chrome) and has opened two separate Alma sessions in two individual tabs (side-by-side) can continue operating two workflows (e.g. Purchase Orders and Bib records in the Metadata Editor) in each session at the same time.

    Some workflows, such as work with records in the Metadata Editor, are only synchronized in both Alma sessions if the tab (session) is refreshed (Refresh Button)!

    With the multi-tab functionality, each browser tab is assigned a random ID, serving as a unique suffix for the corresponding session entries. This advancement facilitates the simultaneous operation of the same Alma session across multiple internet browser tabs. Users can now open Alma in two or more tabs and work concurrently without one tab impacting the others.

    Alma Multiple Tabs

    Notable Mentions/Constraints

    In navigating the intricacies of any system, it is essential to acknowledge and understand the inherent constraints that may influence its functioning. Below are the functional constraints entailed with the Alma multiple tabs:

    • Multiple tabs functionality ONLY works if multiple browser tabs are opened for the same:
      • Alma environment
      • Logged-in user account
      Some things are shared/synced across browser tabs, such as printer, location, language, and UI preferences.
    • An Alma session opened from "Open in a new tab", e.g. Opening a new tab in the browser by right-clicking a function in the Alma UI and selecting "Open in a new tab" will not work. Users will receive a "block" message.
      Open in a new tab drop down menu
      Open in a new tab drop menu
    • Trying to sign in as different users of the same institution simultaneously from the same internet browser (through different tabs of the internet browser on the same computer) – will not work (the last signed-in user will override the user in the other tab(s)).

    Working with Multiple Tabs

    Working with multiple tabs in Alma is only possible if:

    • Internet browser tabs are opened of the same Alma environment.
    • The same user is logged-in into each internet browser tab session.
    Some things are shared/synced across browser tabs, such as printer, location, language, and UI preferences.
    To open multiple tabs in Alma:
    1. Log in to an Alma session in an internet browser, e.g., User: Exl_Impl / Alma environment: sqa-eu03 / Browser: Chrome.
    2. Open one or more tabs in the same internet browser, e.g. Chrome.
    3. Open another session (in each tab) of Alma as the same user in the same environment, e.g. User: Exl_Impl / Alma environment: sqa-eu03.

      You can now work simultaneously in the same Alma session across multiple internet browser tabs.

      Multiple Tabs open of an Alma session
      Multiple open browser tabs on an Alma session 
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