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    Staff Login Report

    To view the Staff Login Report, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    The Staff Login Report (Configuration Menu > General > General Configuration > Staff Login Report) displays a list of staff users (all users that have at least one role other than Patron, Trial Participant, or Instructor) and their last login date. The report is sortable by user name or login date. Users that appear with blank dates have not logged in within the last 3 months. To get this report, select the option "Excel (current view)" in the Export List option on the Staff Login Report page.
    By default, this report's data is retained for 90 days, in order to align with data privacy guidelines. You can change this to a different number of days. To change, enter the desired number in the staff_login_ip_address_retention parameter in the Other Parameters table (Configuration > Other Parameters > User Management). See Configuring Other Settings (User Management).
    You can also export a list of users with their public IP addresses. This allows you to track from which IP address a staff user logged in from, for example, in case the user account was hacked. To get this report, select the option "Excel (all User and IP Address)" in the Export List option on the Staff Login Report page.
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