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    DARA Recommendations

    To configure the DARA Recommendations, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    You can configure DARA Recommendations on the new Configuring DARA Recommendations page (Configuration > General > General Configuration > DARA Recommendations):
    Configuring DARA Recommendations
    Move the slider to activate/deactivate a recommendation for your institution. When deactivating a recommendation, an option to dismiss all existing recommendations of that type is displayed.
    Select the Actions button and select Edit to display the following page:
    Recommendations Configurations

    The following configurations are available:

    • Roles – a list of the roles that are configured for the recommendation. You can remove or add one of the configured roles.
    • Assign To – assign recommendation types to a specific user. This allows only that user to view all the recommendations of that type. (Only users with roles configured to view the recommendation type are available in the drop-down list.)
    For more information on working with DARA Recommendations, see DARA – Data Analysis Recommendation Assistant.
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